Transforming Business:’s Role in Enhancing an Insurance Agency’s Operations

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In a world where technology constantly evolves, businesses must adapt quickly to maintain their competitive edge.

One such story of adaptation and success is that of an independent insurance agency that, with the help of, navigated the challenges of the pandemic, transitioning seamlessly to a work-from-home model and embracing a technology-reliant approach.

This blog highlights how played a pivotal role in transforming the agency’s operations, ensuring their growth and success in uncertain times.


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Seamless Transition and Up-to-Date Technology

When the pandemic struck, businesses worldwide faced unprecedented challenges, with many struggling to adapt to the new work-from-home norm. Research showed that 43% of businesses were temporarily closed, there was a large reduction in employees, and most businesses had less than one month of cash in 2020.

However, the independent insurance agency found themselves ahead of the curve thanks to their partnership with

According to Emily D., an account manager at the agency, “XL already had everything under control.” 

The transition to remote work was smooth, with ensuring that technology was a bridge, not a barrier for the agency. also helped the agency shift from outdated paper-based systems to a more modern, technology-driven approach, enabling them to enhance their operational efficiency and better serve clients.


Onsite Support and Rapid Problem Resolution

The agency’s employees have particularly appreciated’s on-site visits. Emily shares “One of the greatest benefits is having an expert from XL with us onsite, who knows our office and employees intimately, knows the lay of the land for recurring technical issues and can help us stay on top of changes.”

Kylie W., the financial administrative manager, echoes this sentiment, pointing out that “’s responsiveness and expertise in solving technical issues have saved the agency time and allowed us to focus on our core responsibilities.” 


The Big Time Crunch: Navigating Tech Troubles When Every Minute Counts

In a bustling work environment, where time is of the essence and every minute counts, the staff at the independent insurance agency found themselves struggling with technical issues that were beyond their immediate expertise. In such a scenario, the agency’s employees recognized the benefits of having a dedicated managed services partner.

Emily says, “When employees at the agency send tickets to XL, they always respond promptly.” 

Furthermore, XL has always been able to solve their problems, and no one has had any complaints regarding the service.

Focusing on their primary roles and responsibilities, the agency team encountered various technological challenges that could disrupt their workflow. Whether dealing with unexpected software glitches, hardware malfunctions, or network issues, these problems required specialized attention.

This is where the collaboration with proved invaluable. Instead of diverting their focus from their core tasks to troubleshooting tech issues, the agency’s employees could rely on’s expertise. This is why 49% of businesses outsource their IT functions because it allows them to free up resources to focus on core business.

“The biggest thing XL helps us with is to manage our time,” says Kylie. “Everyone’s busy, and we can’t solve these  problems ourselves, so having XL as a resource to take over when we don’t know how to handle tech issues ourselves is very helpful.”

The agency’s reliance on for technical support was a strategic decision. It allowed them to leverage professional IT expertise, ensuring that their operations ran smoothly and that their employees could concentrate on what they do best.

Emily and Kylie agree that increased productivity is one of the greatest benefits the agency has gotten from partnering with a strategic IT provider, especially as most of their tech issues were solved within an hour. This aligns with research findings that utilizing managed services can enhance operational efficiency by up to 60%, underscoring the substantial impact of such partnerships on business performance.


Beyond Big Challenges: Handling the Day-to-Day

While has handled significant challenges, we assist the agency with everyday tech hiccups, from lost passwords to software issues.

Kylie appreciates this, noting, “XL is there for us to fight our smaller battles,” ensuring the agency operates smoothly without getting bogged down in technical difficulties.

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Fostering Growth and Looking Ahead

The agency is poised for expansion, and its partnership with is a cornerstone of its growth strategy. With’s support, the agency stays informed about technological advancements and upcoming changes, allowing it to focus on growth without being hindered by IT concerns. “Partnering with XL makes it easier for us to focus on our expansion goals,” says Emily, highlighting the strategic value of their collaboration with


A Partnership Built on Trust and Excellence

The agency’s journey with exemplifies how strategic IT support can transform business operations, fostering growth and resilience.

Kylie’s final thoughts encapsulate the sentiment at the agency: “We’ve had a great experience with XL. They make things smooth and easy to deal with.” 

This partnership is more than just a service agreement; it’s a testament to how tailored IT solutions can empower businesses to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the digital age. Is your business ready to transform its IT infrastructure and unlock new growth opportunities?

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