Why XL.net Exists

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Dear Small businesses, the people within them and XLnetters,

I have struggled since early 2009, before founding XL.net, to articulate the purpose or reason why XL.net should exist. By that point I had worked both in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. I knew that I loved small businesses and the people within them, but saw them struggling in many ways compared to Fortune 500 companies.

By early 2010, once I was helping enough small businesses, I realized I would have to hire others to help. I would daydream of being able to offer the best benefits and a work environment that they would love. As I hired Jonathan Clarke in late 2010 and others in 2011, I realized that even though the early XLnetters appeared to love being at XL, that XL.net was negatively impacting their personal lives as we all worked 24/7 to help our clients.

Over the years as we grew, we have invested in improving the lives of XLnetters and the services we provide our clients. We have continually updated our Core Purpose to more closely articulate Why XL.net exists.

I’m today excited to give, our updated XL.net Purpose:

We believe small businesses and staff can realize their goals and that they can get there faster and more efficiently.

Let this be the beacon to guide our journey into the future and to draw XLnetters and clients towards a shared vision for success and growth.


Adam Radulovic

P.S. I doubt we will ever feel words completely encapsulate our driving force, and I expect words to change slightly over time, but the core spirit, the Why will remain constant.

P.P.S We believe that our purpose will not be met by acquiring or being acquired.

If we could help your business in any way, learn about TAP.

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