24-7 Help Desk Tech Support Chicago

24-7 Help Desk Tech Support Chicago

What is an IT Help Desk?

A help desk provides assistance and information for electronic or computer problems.

Imagine you get to work one day, and your main corporate application won’t open. You’re frustrated and don’t know why your computer isn’t working — so you call the help desk.

This experience is all too familiar for many employees. Technical issues happen every day in businesses of all sizes. Big corporations might have a vast in-house IT team to handle these issues, but SMBs need to handle things a little differently and often outsource the job to a capable third-party provider.

XL.net offers 24/7 tech support services for Chicago SMBs as part of our managed IT plan that focuses on lining up your technology with your business goals.


24/7 Computer Tech Support With a Proactive Approach

A big part of aligning your technology with your goals comes from a help desk that does more than offer break-fix solutions. While we can certainly help you fix a device that isn’t working, we are also committed to preventing problems in the first place.

Other help desk service providers in Chicago don’t have any incentive to keep your technology working. They make money every time you call, so why invest time in fixing the underlying issue when they could just treat a symptom, and cash in again when the next one pops up?

XL.net’s Service Desk is tied in with our managed IT offerings, so you work with a company that benefits from preventing problems by solving the cause rather than the symptom. Technical issues cause downtime for you and add to our workload, so we have a vested interest in preventing these problems from the start.

What Makes a Helpful Service Desk

If you want your technology to support your business goals, it needs to work. Any downtime or subsequent issues can hurt your bottom line, satisfaction levels and productivity, among other metrics. But working technology isn’t the only thing you expect from a help desk. You also need to get things working quickly and with help from a friendly associate who can assist without talking down to you or adding to your frustration.

Our 24-hour help desk services for Chicago businesses take these factors to heart. We take many steps to ensure fast, friendly and accurate assistance by:

  • Having plenty of Service Desk Engineers on-staff at a time.
  • Using a process management platform called SweetProcess to store our 2600+ policies, processes, procedures and knowledge base articles.
  • Consistently reviewing satisfaction surveys.
  • Auditing tickets and calls to learn more about our performance.

Our Service Desk uses data from many different sources to continuously evaluate and offer holistic, helpful assistance when you need it.

24/7 Help Desk Support in Chicago

If your SMB needs 24/7 tech support services in Chicago or the surrounding areas, XL.net offers quick, reliable service that does more than just fix the symptoms. We want to create as few issues as possible for your business, but we understand that they’ll still happen from time to time. That’s why our Service Desk is there to help out, no matter what time you need us.

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