Our XL.NET Service

Always listening. Always watching.

Through a combination of state of the art IT automation tools and grade-A staff, provides small businesses in the Chicagoland area the solutions for their technology problems. We believe our clients have the right to know why they pay us every month. Through this transparency, staff is able to develop strong working relationships.


We Help & Fix: strives to minimize issues, and as a result does not need to spend significant time and resources fixing them. Unfortunately, not all problems are preventable – that’s why we are always available as a final defense to minimize the negative effect of problems on your employee’s productivity and return you to a healthy state quickly.


We Strategize: What makes different is a strategy developed jointly by the XL Technology Officer (XLTO) and you. Working together, we align your technology strategy with your business objectives to accelerate the achievement and improve the success of meeting your goals.  From reducing operational costs and capital expenditures, to boosting employee productivity and revenue growth, technology plays an integral role.


We Detect: continuously monitors thousands of variables on your network and devices for early signs and the detection of problems. Our team expeditiously resolves potential issues with the goal of minimizing the negative effect on your business.

We Protect: Your most critical data is at high risk. We work with you to implement a business continuity plan that is right for your business and regularly reviewed, refined, and tested.


We Prevent: Best practices for maintaining your workstations and servers are systematically followed through various technologies in an automated fashion that allows our service to stay affordable.

We Train: minimizes self-generated issues and helps your employees reach optimal productivity through regular training sessions and 24/7 availability of the service desk.