Cyber Risk Assessment

Identify security vulnerabilities and receive actionable advice that will help you fix them
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Uncover Vulnerabilities and Safeguard Your Business with XL.net's Cyber Risk Assessments

Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats with comprehensive assessments and a certified team.

Why choose XL.net for Cyber Risk Assessments ?

  • Reduce your risk exposure by identifying gaps in your IT security.
  • Assess your current cyber security strategy and adapt to changing cyber threats over time with routine check-ups.
  • Identify proven security technologies that maximize protection without getting in the way of workflows.
  • Develop a comprehensive incident response plan to respond effectively and minimize the impact of attacks.
  • Reduce the risk of fines and audits by ensuring compliance with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, and other standards.

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…We are now able to have the resources of a big company, but don’t have to pay full price for them…If there is an issue, we don’t have to do anything but call them. They are easy to deal with and their staff does whatever they have to do to get issues resolved.
Phusion Projects
I've contacted XL for IT support with various issues and assorted software and apps, throughout the workday and off hours. They have consistently been incredibly responsive, helpful, friendly, and professional, and they help me understand the problems in layman's terms. Thanks XL!
Rachael Georges
Appraisal Institute
XL.net provides me and my business every tool we need to succeed and a peace of mind that can’t be bought. What we pay now is less than what we were paying before – with a side of extra competency. We are getting better services for less.
Illinois Ventures
Compared to our previous provider, the transition to XL.net saves us $7,000 – $8,000 a month in IT expenses and the fact that we no longer have an in-house IT tech. This is the best IT vendor I have had experience with – and I’ve had a lot of experience with IT vendors in the past.
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Reduction in technology related issues
Technology certifications and adding 3+ per quarter
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Cyber Risk Assessment

Be One Step Ahead of Cyber Threats At All Times

By conducting regular Cyber Risk Assessments, you gain valuable insights into your security posture and can make informed decisions to strengthen your defenses.

In partnering with XL.net’s cyber security experts, we’ll help you with:

  • Discovery and Analysis : Conduct a thorough examination of IT infrastructure and systems.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Identify security gaps and vulnerabilities.
  • Threat Modeling: Develop models specific to your business to prioritize risks.
  • Risk Evaluation and Prioritization : Assess the impact and severity of identified risks.
  • Mitigation Recommendations: Provide clear and actionable steps to mitigate risks.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Updates: Continuously monitor for emerging threats and provide proactive guidance.

Cyber Security Expertise You Can Trust: 70+ IT Certifications and Counting

At XL.net, we take pride in our team’s expertise and dedication to helping SMBs like yours combat cyber threats.

Our technicians and engineers hold over 70 industry-leading IT certifications and continue to add 3+ every quarter, demonstrating our depth of knowledge and commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity practices.

We’re also one of the few ISO 27001-certified partners in Chicago.

Our team’s diverse skill set allows us to understand the complexities of modern cyber threats and develop effective strategies to safeguard your business.

Cyber Risk Assessments
Cyber Risk Assessment FAQs

Get Detailed Reports on Your Cyber Security Posture

XL.net provides a detailed report as part of our Cyber Risk Assessment service. The report will highlight the findings of the assessment, including vulnerabilities identified, risk prioritization, and recommended mitigation strategies.

It will serve as a comprehensive guide for strengthening your cybersecurity defenses and enhancing your overall risk management strategy.

Our team will be available to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the assessment results and the steps needed to bolster your security.


Cyber Risk Assessment FAQs

How often should I schedule a cyber risk assessment?

We recommend scheduling a cyber risk assessment at least once a year for best practice, or whenever significant changes occur in your IT infrastructure or business operations.

Why? Regular assessments help your business stay proactive in identifying and addressing emerging risks, adapting to evolving cyber threats, and maintaining a strong security posture.

Our experienced team of experts will work closely with you to determine the optimal frequency of assessments based on your specific industry, compliance requirements, and risk tolerance .

How do your cyber risk assessments help me ensure regulatory compliance?

Absolutely! XL.net is well-versed in compliance regulations and can assist you during the assessment process.

Our assessments address key compliance requirements and help identify any gaps that need to be addressed to ensure regulatory compliance.

Whether it's industry-specific regulations like HIPAA or general data protection standards such as GDPR, our team will provide you with recommendations and guidance to align your IT systems and practices with the necessary compliance standards.

How long does a cyber risk assessment typically take?

The duration of a cyber risk assessment can vary depending on the size and complexity of your organization's IT infrastructure.

On average, the assessment process takes a few weeks to thoroughly evaluate your systems, perform vulnerability assessments, and develop comprehensive recommendations.

However, our goal is to deliver results efficiently without compromising the quality of our assessment. Rest assured, we will work closely with your team to minimize any disruption and ensure a timely and effective assessment.

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