Database & Application Virtualization Services

Enable testing in the development lifecycle earlier and more frequently with our virtualization services.
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Reduce Risks and Costs with our Database & Application Virtualization

Revolutionize your operations, and embrace adaptability with our industry-leading application virtualization.

Why choose XL.net for your virtualization needs?

  • Slash deployment costs by leveraging our centralized environment repository for complex applications
  • Gain agility and foreseeability by integrating continuous testing in your development lifecycle
  • Reduce risk by collaborating with our testing model for validating app performance and scalability
  • Get expert virtualization support 24/7/365 , with 99.3% of calls answered live around-the-clock
  • Maximize your ROI with no long-term contracts, allowing you to choose your month-to-month services

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Hear it Straight from Our Clients

…We are now able to have the resources of a big company, but don’t have to pay full price for them…If there is an issue, we don’t have to do anything but call them. They are easy to deal with and their staff does whatever they have to do to get issues resolved.
Phusion Projects
I've contacted XL for IT support with various issues and assorted software and apps, throughout the workday and off hours. They have consistently been incredibly responsive, helpful, friendly, and professional, and they help me understand the problems in layman's terms. Thanks XL!
Rachael Georges
Appraisal Institute
XL.net provides me and my business every tool we need to succeed and a peace of mind that can’t be bought. What we pay now is less than what we were paying before – with a side of extra competency. We are getting better services for less.
Illinois Ventures
Compared to our previous provider, the transition to XL.net saves us $7,000 – $8,000 a month in IT expenses and the fact that we no longer have an in-house IT tech. This is the best IT vendor I have had experience with – and I’ve had a lot of experience with IT vendors in the past.
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Unique Qualities of Our Pioneering Virtualization Services

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Unleash Your True Potential with our Advanced Virtualization Services

Virtualization Services

Slash Virtualization Issues with Our Proactive Approach

Imagine cutting down your issues by a massive 79.8%. Sounds incredible, right? This isn’t just a promise, it’s a reality we deliver at XL.net.

Our method is proactive, not reactive. We don’t wait for problems to happen; we prevent them.

Monthly technology audits are our secret weapon. With these, we stay ahead of issues, optimize your systems, and ensure smooth business operations. Be the game-changer in your industry with fewer hitches and more productivity.

Trust in Our Certified Expertise

Need certified experts managing assisting your virtualization needs? Look no further.

At XL.net, our technical team holds over 70 technology certifications. We are also proud to be one of Chicago’s few ISO 27001-certified MSPs. Every quarter, we add at least three new certifications.

The result? You get a team that’s always up-to-date, always ready to tackle the latest challenges. So, rest easy knowing your database and application virtualization is in the hands of proven experts.

Database & Application Virtualization Services
Database & Application Virtualization

Round-the-Clock Support to Keep You Running

We understand that in your world, time is of the essence. Any delay can be costly. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 support.

But it’s not just about being available; it’s about being effective. Our statistics show that 99% of issues are resolved on the first call or contact.

This means no back-and-forths, no waiting for solutions—just immediate, effective support. With XL.net, keep your operations running always.


Commonly-Asked Questions About Our Virtualization Services

How will virtualization services align with my business goals?

Our unique approach involves understanding your business intimately. We interview your leadership team to draft a personalized, one-year Technology Alignment Plan.

This plan ensures that our virtualization services align perfectly with your business goals. You get a service and a strategic IT partner focused on helping you achieve your objectives.

How quickly can I get help if I encounter virtualization issues?

At XL.net, we believe in immediate, effective support. We're available 24/7/365, and the stats show that we resolve 99% of issues on the first call or contact.

So you're not just getting round-the-clock support; you're getting a resolution almost immediately.

Why should I trust XL.net with my virtualization needs?

Here's a big reason: we're one of Chicago's few ISO 27001-certified MSPs. Our technical team holds over 70 technology certifications; every quarter, we add at least three more.

We're committed to staying ahead of IT trends and challenges, so you can trust that your IT needs are in the hands of proven experts.

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