IT Managed Service Provider Can Help with Your CMMC Compliance Audit

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CMMC stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. CMMC is a system of compliance levels that helps the government and other entities gauge a company’s level of security. Companies that are interested in working with the Department of Defense, specifically, need their CMMC rating and must follow specific CMMS regulations. 

What is CMMC?

CMMC is a system of compliance with levels that grade the strength of an organization’s cybersecurity initiatives. The government, especially the DoD, values this metric and requires that companies and organizations have CMMC before contracts are awarded. Achieving your CMMC can be an extensive process and may require the help of experts to achieve.

Is CMMC a requirement?

Generally no, CMMC is not required, but governmental entities do require certain levels of CMMC. The DoD, for example, requires some level of CMMC for non-classified information and a level 4 or higher for classified information sets. 

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What are the CMMC certification levels? 

There are 5 levels of CMMC, starting with the most basic at Level 1 and going up to the highest, Level 5. The levels of CMMC are:

  1. CMMC Level 1 can safeguard federal contract information. All companies should easily achieve level one by having basic security systems in place, having password hygiene, and using antivirus protection software. 
  2. CMMC Level 2 is a transitional level in cyber security. Level 2 organizations are able to pass and control unclassified information.
  3. CMMC Level 3 requires an organization to demonstrate an active and comprehensive security plan.
  4. CMMS Level 4 is for organizations that review and measure their practices regularly for effectiveness. 
  5. CMMC Level 5s standardize and optimize process implementation across the organization.

Whether companies work with the government or not, all organizations should strive for Level 4 or Level 5 compliance. They can get help through an audit from a managed services provider.

For more on CMMC Compliance, see the following resources:

CMMC compliance checklist

Companies are not allowed to self-certify for the CMMC. Rather, government contractors and those who work with government entities will need to go through a third-party certification process. This third-party audit will look at security measures and will identify their level of maturity and preparedness.

An IT, managed services provider can help a company go through the CMMC framework, to determine what improvements are needed and provide documents to showcase the ongoing review and assessment of company security for the audit. 

Who is required to be CMMC compliant?

If you’re interested in working with the government, your organization may need CMMC compliance. CMMC compliance requirements are going to vary depending on the contract, with many contracts requiring only Level 1 or Level 2 compliance. 

Just because you do not work (and do not plan to work) a government contract does not mean the CMMC compliance isn’t a good idea. The basic principles of CMMC compliance relate to proactive and mindful security practices. Every organization should be able to achieve CMMC compliance, if only for their own peace of mind.

How Can Help With CMMC is a managed IT services company in the greater Chicago area, focused on helping small- to medium-sized businesses improve their business by improving the way their technology works for them. We can make sure your team is performing at peak levels of performance and productivity by monitoring and improving the tech. is prepared to help improve your company’s security and put in place best practices to prepare any kind of company for security attacks and breaches. 

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