Help with Common Adobe Acrobat PDF Issues

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Let’s talk about Adobe, something we all use, whether or not we know it.  Most of us use Adobe Reader to view PDF files.  A few use Adobe Acrobat so that they can create, merge, edit, and split PDF files.

Just like Microsoft and Google, Adobe is something that we all use, and when it breaks or has issues, it is a pain in the rear!  The good thing is most issues within Adobe are very easy to fix!  I have put together some of the most common and frustrating issues and how to fix them.

Open PDF file in a new window

These days it seems like every application is jumping on the tab bandwagon and now, so has Adobe.  But there are just some things you don’t want to open in a new tab on the same window, you want it to open in its own window, and Adobe is one of them.  Again, this is a simple thing to address.

See below or click here to see how to old a new window instead of a new tab.


Why PDF “Save As” in Adobe is blank (and how to fix it)

A new issue we have been coming across is when you go to Save a PDF in Adobe. The Save As the window opens and it is completely blank.  There is nothing you can do on the window except close it and wonder how the heck you are going to save that file now!

See below or click here for a very simple step-by-step to disable the setting that is causing this issue.


Error “The Document Could Not Be Saved…” in Adobe

Now that we have the Blank Save As fixed, what happens when you go to save that PDF and it tells you “The Document Could Not Be Saved…”?  This is probably due to the document having Protected Mode or Enhanced Security setup on it.  Another easy setting change that can fix this error quickly.

See below or click here for how to fix issues saving.


“Out of Memory” error with Adobe Acrobat

Now that we have all those Save issues fixed, you get an error stating that Adobe is out of memory!  This is likely to happen when you have a very large or complex PDF with lots of pages.  Up until about a month ago, Adobe didn’t have a 64-bit version of Adobe, so we were all stuck with 32-bit.  Well, they finally decided to change that and release a 64-bit version!

If you work a lot with large PDF files, you are going to want to go get this! See below or click here for a solution.


Acrobat Pro DC won’t install

What?  Adobe isn’t installing???  This is common, especially on office networks.  Adobe uses what they call Stub Installers which are installers that only have a small part of the program and go out and download the rest when you go to install them.  To get around this you need to download the full installer file. See below or click here for instructions.


How to set PDFs to open in Acrobat instead of Reader?

So, you have all the saving issues fixed and you have recently been blessed with a license for Adobe Acrobat so now you get to alter PDFs!!!  One problem, PDFs are opening automatically in Reader, not Acrobat!  Not a problem!  Let’s just make that simple changes! See below or click here to find out how.


When Adobe Acrobat DC cannot print to network drive?

Now you can’t save, err…I mean print to a Network Drive!?!  Okay, so this one is an easy fix too!

See below or click here to find out how!

Having other problems with Adobe?

There are other problems you might have with Adobe. If you have tried the steps above, are still having issues and are a client of, please reach out to the Service Desk for additional troubleshooting steps.

If you are not a current client of, please reach out to our Sales Department to see how can help your company with all its IT needs!

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