Chicago Tech & IT Support

Chicago Tech & IT Support

Is Your Chicago Business Dealing with IT Issues?


From Chicago offices, can manage your IT tickets, support your team on all tech implementation, and fix your recurring IT issues.

Why work with for IT Support Chicago?

  • Local computer tech support Chicago, 24/7/365
  • A guaranteed level of service with a contract to compensate for downtime
  • Support for all technology & software projects
  • Disaster recovery and backup from local servers in Chicago.
  • Average ticket resolution times of only 32 minutes
  • A reduction in IT ticket volumes.

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping businesses with tech support in Chicago by reducing IT costs and reducing overall ticket volumes.

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I have been working with since the beginning of the year. They have become a great asset in my day-to-day activities with my job. Thorough, communicative and extremely friendly, I could not ask for a better support group.

Daniel K

XL is always very fast to respond, very fast to troubleshoot and get to solutions and moreover they've been great at explaining "why" a problem is happening in plain language. Excellent service and great people all around.

Stephen L

The reps at are always a pleasure! I appreciate the thoroughness and professionalism I experience any time I need their assistance with IT issues. I also appreciate the fact that my issues are resolved in a timely manner. This is a great team that is very knowledgeable, they are wonderful at what they do!

Melissa W

We recently hired for our accounting firm of about 20 people. They're prompt. polite, and professional every time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to take the next step in their IT support and cybersecurity efforts.

Layne B

Every tech person I've dealt with from this company has been knowledgeable and patient when dealing with my PC issues. They know what they're doing yet if the solution isn't readily available they will get back to you quickly after looking into alternate solutions. It's great to have "helpdesk " people who really know how to help.

Tracey P

Services – Outsourced IT Computer Support Chicago

Central Service Technicians for Your Chicago Business

We offer a wide array of remote maintenance and network monitoring services to Chicago SMBs. These services are all part of our managed IT plans that help us align technology with the needs of SMBs. Growth is often a primary goal for these organizations, and technology alignment allows you to keep pace with the big guys. Central Services is just one piece of the puzzle, but a very important one.

IT Project Manager Aligns Technology with Business Goals

Our Project Department provides IT product management and coordination services to SMBs in Chicago and the surrounding areas. The Project Department or Engineer that works with you can step in and help implement changes, whether big or small, that support your technology alignment and business goals.

24/7 IT Service Desk Services & Support In Chicago

At, we’re proud to offer Service Desk support in Chicago that does it all. Part of working with includes gaining access to our exceptional Service Desk solutions. We have expert staff members on-hand at all hours to provide 24/7 IT Service Desk services to Chicago SMBs.

Information Systems Analysts and Consultants in Chicago

The only predictable way to deliver it is with a System Analyst that focuses exclusively on prevention. With the help of our System Analysts, offers server health monitoring services to Chicago SMBs, along with several other proactive measures, like systems and software training.

Virtual CIO & CTO Strategic Planning Services in Chicago

A partnership with offers you the services of a fractional or Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) — a consultant that accomplishes many of the same tasks as a CIO. We offer these CTO services to Chicago SMBs to help them meet their goals.

Managed IT & Strategic IT Consulting Services in Chicago

our technology can do more for your company than you may think. Everything from productivity to sales to employee and customer satisfaction can be improved with a strategic IT approach. By aligning your technology with the goals of your business, you can find extraordinary results.

Information Technology Audits & Assessments For Chicago Businesses offers IT auditing services in Chicago and the surrounding areas with the help of our certified and skilled System Analysts. As part of our managed IT services for SMBs, our System Analysts conduct continuous monitoring of your system, including regular technology audits.

Information Security Analyst in Chicago

As a trusted cybersecurity services company in Chicago, can help with all of these issues and more. We provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to SMBs as part of our managed IT and technology alignment services.

Chicago IT Outsourcing Support Services For Businesses

IT support is essential for SMBs of all types that hope to keep pace with the competition or grow their businesses. At, we offer IT support solutions to Chicago SMBs with customization and a focus on helping you use technology to achieve your goals.

IT Issues Shouldn’t Impact Your Small Business’s Bottom Line

Our Chicago IT Support Specialists Will Help You Clean Up Your IT

24/7 IT Computer Support Chicago


IT is the critical underpinning of your entire operation. And when everything works, no one notices at all. But when computers start crashing, when the internet starts going down, and when your software stops loading — the impact to productivity is undeniable.

When that happens, is available — any time of day (or night).

We offer a top-tier Chicago IT support help-desk — 24/7 — by phone or ticket. With the help of a dedicated account manager, you’ll also be able to keep track of all ongoing IT issues and maintain continuity between tickets. In other words, you’ll never need to explain your issue more than once.

Simply give us a phone call or send us a ticket — and we’ll take it from there. We resolve most issues in just 20 minutes, so your team can get right back to work.

Reduce Your Short-Term and Long-Term IT Costs — Fast


Recurring problems across your tech-stack are an indicator that you have more fundamental issues with your IT.

Our approach revolves around addressing root causes rather than chasing the symptoms. We don’t just sit around waiting for tickets to come in. Our support team is constantly working on addressing the underlying issues — deploying day-to-day fixes that decrease (and eliminate) recurring tech problems.

Our firm will provide you with a monthly report highlighting the status of your IT, with detailed recommendations for improving your infrastructure in the long-term.

Establish a Predictable IT Budget with an IT Support Company in Chicago


Issues with business technologies are fundamentally unpredictable, especially as your business scales.This is unavoidable.

More staff means more computers, larger software packages, and expanded server space. It also means an increased network complexity, with more points of failure (and vulnerabilities).

And these costs can quickly compound if you also need to hire more IT staff to

handle an ever-expanding backlog of tickets. That’s one more unpredictable cost that stands in the way of scaling your operations (without going into the red).

That’s why our services follow a fixed price-per-user model — allowing you get all the help and IT support your team needs, at a predictable and scalable rate.

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