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IT Audit in Chicago

IT Audit in Chicago

Our company uses XL.net for many of its everyday IT needs. I’ve personally opened a couple dozen service tickets with them over the past year and a half. Every person that’s worked with me has been excellent! The response time is low, the professionalism is top-notch, and everyone is so pleasant and friendly, not to mention their accuracy and thoroughness, which is impeccable. Highly recommend these folks! No question.

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Information Technology Audits & Assessments For Chicago Businesses

The word “audit” might sound daunting, but it’s actually one of the most important things you can do to evaluate your company’s success and make positive, impactful change. It allows you to test your system for worst-case scenarios to see how it holds up. You can analyze the results and use them to develop beneficial projects and plans for the future. Audits are an incredibly powerful tool, so it’s important that you work with the right people if you want those benefits to reach your SMB.

XL.net offers IT auditing services in Chicago and the surrounding areas with the help of our certified and skilled System Analysts. As part of our managed IT services for SMBs, our System Analysts conduct continuous monitoring of your system, including regular technology audits.

Types of IT Audits

When looking for IT auditing services, you may find several different types of IT audits that Chicago businesses can take advantage of. Depending on the goals of your company and what you need to assess, we can provide audits to address concerns related to:

  • Network performance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Phishing or security penetration
  • Financial data security
  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Risk assessment
  • System implementation review or analysis

We can conduct audits that look at your infrastructure’s effectiveness with the goal of increasing productivity. We can also use an audit to identify ways to boost security, determine procedures for documentation and ensure compliance with regulations and industry best practices.

The typical XL.net audit is one that is performed monthly for each of our clients to ensure everything is moving smoothly. In these audits, we follow a roadmap from the Center for Internet Security to review your technological controls and the performance of your overall system. Our System Analysts perform many of these checks monthly, while others are conducted as needed by our Project Department.

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How an XL.net Audit Benefits Your SMB

Technology audits can vary in their purpose and goal. The audits we perform offer the following benefits:

  • A better awareness of risks: Without audits, you could be ignorant of gaping holes in your security or technological issues that cause setbacks.
  • Information gathering necessary to develop a plan: All of our managed IT services work with our Technology Alignment Plan (TAP), and we use information from a technology audit to inform that plan.
  • Better risk management and efficiency: Once we identify risks or inefficiencies, we can start implementing methods and plans to fix them, boosting the overall performance of your system. A better system can mean better profits, more secure data and happier clients and employees.

XL.net works with a portfolio of businesses of smaller sizes and scopes, so our System Analysts are well-versed in the needs of SMBs in the Chicago area. They’re also equipped to work with sensitive data, such as in finance and health care environments.

Information Technology Audits in Chicago

Ready to improve your technology system in a big way? The first step is a technology audit and plan from XL.net. Our System Analysts are certified in many different areas of information security and operation and can be your trustworthy, productive information technology auditors.

In addition to an information technology audit and assessment, Chicago businesses turn to XL.net for a variety of managed IT services and our Technology Alignment Plans. You can learn more about these services or contact us to get started today!