Engagement Alignment Plan

Engagement Alignment Plan

Increase profitability, decrease absenteeism and turnover

We have an engagement problem in the United States. Employees are going into work without a purpose, and businesses are taking a hit because of it.




of employees in the US are considered engaged

But teams with highly engaged employees see some incredible benefits:



more profitability



reduction in absenteeism



less turnover

How Do You Improve Employee Engagement?

Engagement is a term that covers several different aspects of an employee’s work, many of which will overlap with and affect others:

  • Motivation: With a strong sense of purpose, engaged employees are more motivated to do a good job.
  • Belief in company values: An employee who believes in their company’s values and goals is more likely to have a positive perception of the business and do their best work.
  • Commitment: Committed employees are more willing to put in 110%. They might work long hours and face challenging projects, because they see their value and are willing to put in the effort to help the company succeed.
  • Satisfaction: As you might imagine, employees who are interested in and devoted to their work tend to find more happiness in it. Happier employees can affect others in the workplace, too, overcoming negativity and bad attitudes.

An engaged organization sees some pretty big benefits. But getting there isn’t exactly a clear path. Fortunately, strategic alignment and engagement plans in Chicago and the surrounding areas is our specialty.

How XL.net Can Help

The XL.net Engagement Alignment Plan (EAP) helps organizations get on the path to becoming fully engaged. Engagement doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen by accident either. If you want to significantly and effectively find organizational alignment and employee engagement in your Chicago SMB, you’ll have to be organized and targeted. That’s where the EAP comes in. It outlines areas for improvement and possible solutions, along with measurables and ways to gauge success.


A Dedicated Engagement Analyst

An expert to provide guidance and give you a plan.


Monthly On-site Visits

We keep track of efforts to improve engagement and help you figure out what steps to take.


Custom Alignment Plan

No two organizations are the same, so every business gets a customized plan.


When we create a strategic engagement plan for your Chicago business, we provide you with several key elements:

  • A dedicated engagement analyst: This expert can provide guidance and give you a plan. Your engagement analyst understands the needs of SMBs and can help you find the best solution.
  • Monthly onsite visits: Engagement isn’t a one-time fix. It must be ongoing and consistently reevaluated to provide all of the right benefits over time. We keep track of efforts to improve engagement and help you figure out what steps to take with a check-in every month.
  • Custom alignment plan: No two organizations are the same, so every business gets a customized plan. This plan takes into account all the intricacies of your workflow, including your employees, systems and goals. A custom approach is the best way to meet the goals unique to your company.

With these pieces, you are fully prepared to boost employee engagement across the metrics that are most valuable to your company. We’ll help you keep an eye on things and address how you can continue to improve engagement over time.

Strategic Alignment and Employee Engagement for Chicago Businesses With XL.net

What sets XL.net’s service apart is the caliber of our team. We have an exceptional team of experts that creates your EAP and can help answer any questions you may have. For SMBs looking to combine employee engagement with strategic alignment in Chicago, XL.net has you covered.

Reach out to us today to request your EAP, and we’ll be in touch shortly!