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Bennett Sher


What are your current responsibilities at XL.net?

As an XL.Net Technology Officer I’m responsible for the overall strategy of each of my accounts. The strategy is derived from a combination of technological and business goals which also depend on the size and scope of the business. The primary goal is to focus on proactive, long-term strategy and budgeting to optimize technology for the business. When technology improves business operations and noise and roadblocks to work are reduced it’s a win-win for everyone.


What do you like the most about working at XL.net?

The independence to manage your own work day and the culture of collaboration and teamwork provide a good balance of work internally and externally.


How do you enjoy spending your free time?

Family time with my wife and two kids is always a priority followed by cooking and exercise time.


What is something about you that not a lot of people know?

I ran a marathon just for fun in October of 2022. It look a lot of training and planning and I’m grateful my wife helped with the kids so I could get in all the running training time that I did.

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Bennett Sher

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