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At, we strive to build a culture that is continuously improving our work for clients. With state of the art IT automation tools, provides small businesses in the Chicagoland area the best solution for their technology issues.

Our Core Values

  • Improving Your Productivity
    • As a team member, we do all we can to improve productivity for our clients and ourselves.
  • Doing more than expected, Together.
    • Working as a team, we will exceed expectations of our clients and ourselves.
    • We are a working family and help each other work through any challenge.
  • We’ve Got It!
    • Our clients trust us with their most critical infrastructure, that allows them to operate and do their business.
  • Pursuit of excellence
    • A goal we will continually strive to obtain as a team.
  • Happy
    • Love what you do and surround yourself with people that do too.

Customer Service is XL.NET

What make us stand out at is our employees! For our clients, business comes first. We do everything we can for them to accomplish their goals. We work to fix a problem and we work to prevent them.

“Our clients’ voices are important to us. We help technology deliver the promises it made, and our CORE VALUES help make this a reality.”

What it is like working at XL.Net ?

“We are a family here and we really work together to help each other out.” – Suzy

“We allow our team to grow and work with what they are passionate about and what really excites them.” – Jonathan

“What makes a great company to work for is the support you get from the team. It’s not a company, it’s a family.” – Natalie

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We are always looking for talented new members to join us in the pursuit of all our goals!