Information Security Analyst in Chicago

Information Security Analyst in Chicago

Chicago Cybersecurity Analyst & Disaster Recovery Services for SMB

SMBs often make the mistake of thinking they are too small to be hacked, but that’s simply not true. SMBs are frequently targeted and often have much more risk than big companies since the effects of a security breach tend to be more damaging. Plus, outside hackers aren’t the only threat to a business — human error is another big concern.

A cybersecurity analyst protects a company’s hardware, software, and networks from cyber-attacks. A cybersecurity analyst’s role is to understand, monitor, and head-off cyberattacks whenever possible.

As a trusted cybersecurity services company in Chicago, can help with all of these issues and more. We provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to SMBs as part of our managed IT and technology alignment services.

IT security services protects your business

Different businesses have different security needs, and our managed IT security services can meet the unique requirements of SMBs in the greater Chicago area. These needs typically include protecting against the following threats.

External Threats

External threats might come in the form of malware or network attacks that aim to extort your company or collect your customers’ sensitive data. Some will be upfront about their purpose, while others can hide in the background of your systems, slowing them down and collecting data undetected. There are many types of external threats to be consistently monitoring for and aware of, such as:

  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojan horses
  • Network attacks

Protecting against external threats involves a thorough combination of hardware, software, training and continuous monitoring. Our System Analysts perform monthly audits on your system to identify any weak spots and ensure that your security is up to date. Your Technology Officer can look for new solutions, and our Project Department can help implement them.

Internal Threats

Not every threat to your business comes from a malicious outsider. Human error is a big part of managing security risks. Internal threats might come from employees not following your security protocol, or not having one in place at all. Workers could:

  • Fall for a phishing scam.
  • Send unencrypted data over email.
  • Accidentally publish sensitive information to the general public rather than employees.
  • Download spyware onto their personal device before accessing corporate data.
  • Lose their company laptop.

Targeting employees is a great way to target an SMB, because human error is so easy to come by. If you want to protect your company from these threats, understanding where your workflow could be vulnerable to security risks is critical. We conduct a thorough audit to learn about your workplace and identify such opportunities, then we can help you fix them.

Often, we do this through extensive employee training. Our System Analysts can conduct security and software training to help employees know what to look for and protect themselves and the company.

Security Analyst Responding to Security Breaches

Security analysts monitor, prevent, and stop attacks on your company’s private data. Among other tasks, they create and implement firewalls and software systems to protect companies online.

While prevention is the best option, your company must have a plan in place if a security breach occurs. Developing a response plan is critical, and that includes knowing how you’ll resume business if you lose your data. For our SMB partners, disaster recovery services and backups are essential, and our Central Services department is up for the task.'s Cybersecurity Solutions for Chicago SMBs

If you’re looking for cybersecurity IT companies in Chicago, we’ve got you covered. is perfectly suited for the needs of SMBs. Our Technology Officers know the tools that work well for these organizations, and our entire business model is built around aligning technology to the goals and growth of your unique company.

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