IT Managed Service in Chicago

In today’s modern business landscape, technology is an essential part of every work environment. It’s not enough to just keep your electronics working — your IT approach should be doing everything possible to support your goals. The big guys know this, and SMBs need to keep up if they want to stay competitive.

Many SMBs get by with their technology, but they struggle to use it strategically. That’s where comes in. We offer IT service management (ITSM) services in Chicago to help SMBs implement and use technology to get a competitive edge and reach their goals. Our strategic IT services can help businesses reduce up to 80% of their technology obstacles, freeing up more time and resources for more important things.

The strategic IT solution

By working proactively and monitoring your technology, we can make sure your team is performing at peak levels of performance and productivity. Your tech should give you an edge, not a headache.

And each one of our services is integral to pushing your business to the next level. There are many different aspects to our managed and co-managed IT services in greater Chicago, each run by a set of experts who can bring unique advantages to your company. By combining all of these different elements, we create a comprehensive business plan to push your organization further.

Move Your Business Forward With a Technology Alignment Plan

Start strong with a Technology Alignment Plan (TAP). When we create your TAP, we’ll talk to your team and come up with a plan that connects your technology with your business goals.

No two businesses are the same, and we make sure your TAP reflects the uniqueness of yours. To do so, we might discuss everyday processes with various employees to learn how they work. We also speak with management to learn more about business goals and how you’re working to reach them. Then, once we have all of the information, we’ll come up with a plan that implements and uses your technology to its greatest potential in reaching those objectives.

Within your TAP, you’ll find:

  • A current issues list outlining issues that could be holding you back.
  • A quarterly plan that outlines goals you can achieve within 90 days, with success metrics.
  • A one-year plan with larger projects that can benefit your company.
Follow Through With IT Service Management

Service Desk

Quickly respond to requests, help your employees and fix minor issues that may pop up with accuracy and a positive attitude.


Technology Officer

An IT expert that can align IT and business goals, guide leadership and help make technological decisions about your company's strategy.


Central Services

Monitor networks and devices for optimal performance, security and high availability.


System Analyst

Maintain work stations, servers, and other tech, and bring your employees up to speed with regular training sessions.


Project Engineer

Design custom systems and solutions, develop them in house and deploy them.


IT Consulting

Identify the strengths and key points for improvement and recommend solutions.

All of these elements come together to create a business plan that propels you toward goals with the help of your technology — a valuable approach for any company, especially for SMBs.

Implement an Engagement Alignment Plan

An Engagement Alignment Plan (EAP) is one that focuses on improving the engagement levels of your staff. Our EAPs can help give your team a unified purpose, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and turnover. With benefits like these, your overall company health improves, and with it, profits can increase.

An EAP is essential if you want to take a clear, purposeful approach to improving staff performance. It outlines areas for growth and the steps you can take to address them.

With an EAP, you get:

  • An engagement analyst: This person gathers the data and provides you with a plan.
  • A custom alignment plan: Your custom plan is designed for your business and your staff’s unique characteristics.
  • Monthly onsite visits: Improving employee engagement is an ongoing task, so we’ll keep tracking progress and identify any other areas you can address.

IT Managed Services in Chicago With

Whether you’re looking for co-managed or fully managed IT services in Chicago, can help. Our staff of experts is passionate about helping SMBs leverage technology for improvements across many different business dimensions.

To learn more about working with, reach out to us today. We offer competitive services in one package for ITSM in the greater Chicago area. Let us help you find savings with a targeted, effective IT solution.