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Gain Truly Reliable Uptime With our Network Support in Schaumburg

Stop losing time and money to outages and downtime by partnering with a leading local network services company.

Why choose for IT network support?

  • Benefit from sustainable network efficiency with reliable assistance from our network support specialists
  • Protect your business network with advanced network security services that prevent cyber risks and intrusion
  • Steer clear of costly downtime through proactive monitoring from our team of network support technicians
  • Reduce network issues by 79.8% with regular monthly auditing that analyzes the performance of your network
  • Improve network dependability with architecture and deployment that builds a strong network infrastructure

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Why Clients Depend On Our Network Support Specialists

…We are now able to have the resources of a big company, but don’t have to pay full price for them…If there is an issue, we don’t have to do anything but call them. They are easy to deal with and their staff does whatever they have to do to get issues resolved.
Phusion Projects
I've contacted XL for IT support with various issues and assorted software and apps, throughout the workday and off hours. They have consistently been incredibly responsive, helpful, friendly, and professional, and they help me understand the problems in layman's terms. Thanks XL!
Rachael Georges
Appraisal Institute provides me and my business every tool we need to succeed and a peace of mind that can’t be bought. What we pay now is less than what we were paying before – with a side of extra competency. We are getting better services for less.
Illinois Ventures
Compared to our previous provider, the transition to saves us $7,000 – $8,000 a month in IT expenses and the fact that we no longer have an in-house IT tech. This is the best IT vendor I have had experience with – and I’ve had a lot of experience with IT vendors in the past.
The biggest thing XL helps us with is to manage our time. Everyone’s busy and we can’t solve the problems ourselves, so having XL as a resource to take over when we don’t know how to handle tech issues ourselves is very helpful.

Overall, we’ve had a great experience with XL. Everyone is very personable. We don’t have any negative feedback because we’ve had a great experience. I have no issue picking up the phone and calling someone at XL. I always feel very comfortable. XL makes things that I wouldn’t want to deal with smooth and easy to deal with
Emily D
I am very confident in XL’s team, enthusiasm, and knowledge. I know that when I reach out to them, I can get an answer and a fast resolution.

If they didn’t have the answer, they dug for a solution. That’s what gives us confidence in working with them.

I can tell that XL is growing. I see that new names are popping up on their tech roster. Each of them must be going through a great training program because they are all top-notch.
Shailesh P
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Why is Among the Leading Local Networking Companies

Issue resolution from our network support team
Certifications for specialized networking technologies
Average reduction in network problems after hiring

How Your Business Benefits From Our Robust Network Support

Reliable Network Support for Your Business

Networks plagued by outages and performance issues can significantly hinder your operations and cost your business $427 per minute.

Working with provides you with reliable network support and maintenance, encompassing:

  • Enhancements in network security
  • Swift resolution of connectivity challenges
  • Expert network design and architecture services
  • Comprehensive network deployment and management

Expand Your Business With Our Network Services Company

IT Network Support in Schaumburg Illinois

Benefit From Strategic Network Alignment and Planning

Addressing ongoing network challenges starts with strategic technology alignment and planning, led by our certified computer network consultants.

Following an initial evaluation, our network support specialists will develop a technology alignment plan aimed at enhancing your network’s performance that covers:

  • Precise measurable data points
  • A prioritized inventory of current IT challenges
  • A detailed 90-day roadmap for potential short-term initiatives
  • A comprehensive one-year strategy, illustrating long-term achievable goals

Count on our IT network support to manage strategic initiatives that propel your business’s growth.

Work With a Trustworthy Source for Advanced Network Security Services

Ensuring smooth network operation is crucial, but implementing advanced security measures to prevent data breaches and other incidents is equally important. is one of the few local networking companies with an ISO 27001 certification, a testament to our expertise in managing information and network security services.

Our commitment to network security is further demonstrated through rigorous compliance activities, including:

  • Regular monthly system audits
  • Strict backup compliance audits
  • Detailed disaster recovery audits
  • Comprehensive monthly technology audits
  • In-depth incident reports for ongoing awareness and continual enhancements
Schaumburg Computer Network Support Specialists
Schaumburg Network Support Services

Customized Business Network Support for Your Unique Needs

As a premier source for computer network support, we tailor our offerings to enhance your network performance.

Our XLTO and vCTO services are designed to facilitate informed decisions, effectively reducing and resolving network issues to boost your business’s productivity.

We also offer co-managed IT services, allowing you the flexibility to decide which IT aspects are managed internally and which are handled by our network support technicians.

Our commitment is to deliver exceptional network support and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime that leads your small business to greater success.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Network Support Services

How does proactive IT network support minimize downtime for my business?

Proactive IT network support is like having a vigilant guardian for your network.

By constantly monitoring and swiftly addressing potential issues, downtime becomes a rarity, not a norm.

Imagine your business thriving with a 79.8% reduction in network problems, thanks to regular audits and maintenance.

This isn’t just support; it’s a strategic advantage, ensuring your operations run smoothly without unexpected interruptions.

How do your network security services protect my network?’s network support services aren’t just about fixing problems; they’re about foreseeing and preventing them, especially in cybersecurity.

With our ISO 27001 certification, we’re not just another network services company; we’re a secure fortress.

Our approach includes monthly technology audits and real-time threat monitoring, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks while ensuring your business’s digital assets are always under vigilant watch.

How does your IT network support enhance my business’s productivity?

Our network support specialists are the unsung heroes in the background, boosting your business’s productivity with fast-acting computer network support.

By tackling and resolving IT issues with a 99% first-contact resolution rate, they keep your operations seamless.

Their expertise isn’t just technical; it’s a catalyst for efficiency, ensuring that your IT infrastructure aligns perfectly with your business goals, leading to at least a 7% productivity increase.

How can your network support adapt to my growth?

As your business evolves, so do your needs. That’s why our network support services are designed to scale with you.

Our team doesn’t just respond to your issues; they anticipate and adapt to your growing demands.

With services like cloud migrations and custom environment setups, we ensure that your network is not just a foundation but a springboard for your business’s expansion and long-term prosperity.

Can your network support align my network with my business objectives?

Absolutely. Our network support services go beyond troubleshooting to align your IT with your business vision.

Our approach includes a one-year, one-page Technology Alignment Plan tailored specifically to your objectives.

This strategic alignment ensures that every aspect of your IT infrastructure is not just functioning but actively contributing to your business goals, turning your network into a powerful tool for achieving success.

See How We Reduce Your Networking Issues by 79.8%

Partner with a network services company devoted to effective problem-solving.

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