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Managed IT Services Company

Managed IT Services Company

Strategic IT for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Chicago

At XL.net, we get that SMBs work differently. These unique businesses have unique needs, such as heightened security concerns and goals for growth, and your IT approach should align with those needs. Whether you’re focusing on aspects like growth, scalability, employee engagement or IT security solutions, we can match your IT support services to your business requirements.

Strategic IT is all about using everything technology has to offer to meet your goals. It’s also critical if you want to keep pace with your competitors. Large corporations have access to plenty of technological solutions that give them an edge. If you can give your SMB the same kind of mindset, you’re already getting ahead of the competition.

Technology is more than just a way to get things done. It also creates new possibilities, like more efficient work practices or ways to improve customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that tech is a tool that businesses can hone for better results. The big guys already know this, and if you want your small or medium-sized business to compete, you’ll need to make sure your technology can work for you. That’s why we offer business technology solutions for SMBs in Chicago and the surrounding area.

What Does Our IT Support Look Like?

Our managed IT support services in Chicago encompass many different aspects. They keep your daily operations in order and ensure your tech is driving growth for your business.

Strategic IT

Service Desk

With service desk support, you have someone to fix issues and answer questions as they appear quickly and at any time of day. We take thorough, careful steps to ensure satisfaction and fast responses for each call or email we receive.


Technology Officers

A technology officer is the one that directs your technological approach. They understand the trends and solutions available and can help devise a strategy to use them within budget constraints and goals. They are results-driven and can gather evidence to show success.


Central Services

Central services manage and implement specific tools, such as backup and disaster recovery, antivirus, remote network monitoring and security solutions. This department takes care of every aspect of these areas, so you can be confident in safe, efficient coverage.


System Analyst

System analysts aim to reduce disruptions and minimize inefficiencies. They'll also focus on safety and stability, creating a proactive model for support. We don't make money for each IT call we get, so it's in both of our best interests to minimize issues beforehand with preventive system analysts.


Project Engineer

Your project engineer and project department focus on transparency and efficiency to get you where you need to be with zero hiccups. Every project has your business goals at the forefront, and we'll communicate with you the whole way through, providing clear documentation and evidence for our processes.

Strategic IT combines all of these elements to create one holistic solution, focused on your unique needs.

XLerate Your Business

We’re passionate about helping small and medium businesses get an edge with our managed IT solutions and support for the greater Chicago area. And we know that integrating tech into business goals is the best way to do that.

Our expert team is full of experienced professionals who are well-suited for improving your approach to technology. As your managed IT solutions company in Chicago, we’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and craft an actionable plan to reach them.

To learn more about our strategic and managed IT service plans or talk to a representative about working with XL, contact us today.

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