Managed IT Plans

Managed IT Plans

Managed & Strategic IT Plans for Chicago Businesses

If you’re like most businesses, IT is not your main focus. You don’t want to spend valuable time and resources figuring out the right solution, implementing it and troubleshooting — you just want it to work. That’s where managed IT comes in. We can take care of your entire outsourced IT approach, taking the burden off of you and your staff.

Our managed IT is more than just tech support. Our IT services are strategic, meaning we align your technology with the goals of your business. Whether you need to implement a new software solution, get exceptional service desk help, redesign your infrastructure or some other IT task, we can help with strategic IT service proposals in Chicago and the surrounding area.

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Technology Alignment Plan

Improve various elements of your IT approach to support your business goals

What's Included in a Managed IT Plan?

The answer will vary from provider to provider. With us, your managed IT services cover a wide range of components, all geared toward a strategic approach:

  • Service deskOffer quick responses to requests for help with devices, programs and general questions.
  • Technology officers: IT experts who make technology decisions that align IT and business goals.
  • Central servicesMonitor your networks and devices for better performance and availability.
  • System analystsPerform maintenance and training to keep everything moving smoothly.
  • Project engineersMake designs for custom systems and solutions as well as implementation.

All of these components work together to form a comprehensive managed IT solution and go hand-in-hand with our Technology Alignment Plan.

Larger businesses may be able to handle these aspects in-house or through one-off contracting, but SMBs tend to struggle if they use the same approach. Managed IT allows them to outsource these services for a lower cost and more expertise than may be possible through in-house services.

The Benefits of Managed IT Service Proposals for Chicago SMBs

As an SMB, you have different needs than enterprise companies. Managed IT services are especially well-suited to meeting those needs. They offer several benefits:

  • Lower costs: An in-house IT team can be pricey, especially if you want one with the same caliber and organization as an outsourced firm. By using managed IT plans, you can often save significantly and benefit from an exceptional team.
  • Expertise: The expertise of managed IT plans is often much better than you can find with in-house services. Our staff is full of skilled experts to solve whatever tech problems appear.
  • Custom support: With the right strategic IT service plan, your Chicago business receives a completely custom approach that aligns with your business goals.
  • New opportunities: Managed IT services can use a service desk to take care of the little things and robust analyses and expertise to address the big picture. Our team can identify trends and new solutions that offer significant benefits to your company and allow you to gain an edge over the competition.

Reach Out Today for Strategic IT Service Proposals in Chicago focuses on the needs of SMBs. We understand that you’re different from big businesses and every other company in your industry. provides managed IT services plans to Chicago SMBs and those in the surrounding area.

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