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Schaumburg IT Consulting

Start making smart technology-based decisions with the help of our IT consulting company in Schaumburg.

Avoid Making Expensive IT Errors with Our IT Consulting in Schaumburg

Leverage decades of expert IT experience to make more informed decisions from our Schaumburg IT consulting firm.

Why choose XL.net for IT management consulting in Schaumburg?

  • Gain enhanced productivity from reducing your IT issues by 79.8% with our monthly audit process
  • Prevent making costly mistakes by leveraging the informed advice of expert IT consultants
  • Get a custom IT strategy unique to your business and goals for accelerated growth
  • Leverage specialized industry insight from a dedicated vCIO who works with you and learns your business
  • Stay flexible and keep your provider choices open with relaxed contract options

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What You Gain With Our IT Strategy Consulting Schaumburg, IL

Strategic IT Consulting

At XL.net, we don’t just solve the problems you have right now – our Schaumburg IT consulting firm takes a proactive to ensure your technology is ready for any and all potential challenges in the future.

From strategic cloud/project management solutions that save money through preventive cyber security measures to streamlined hardware technology improvements plus dependable support services when needed, it’s no wonder why local businesses trust us as their go-to source of reliable IT consultation!

Project Management

Free yourself from the headache of managing your own IT projects with our experienced Schaumburg consultants.

For help with managing your business’ projects, our team will provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure each project is completed on time, within budget, and without unforeseen obstacles.

From migrating data to cloud management or total network overhauls – there’s no better option for meeting all your business needs than partnering with us!

Security Consulting

With the speed at which technology and cybercrime moves, it is essential that businesses take proactive decisions to protect themselves.

At XL.net, we leverage our professional experience to provide the highest level of cybersecurity protection available. As one of the top-rated IT consulting firms in Schaumburg, our experts work tirelessly behind the scenes to secure your business’ sensitive data.

Our network security  and remote monitoring has been validated by some of the most prestigious certifications, such as:

  • Certified SonicWALL Security Administrators and Professionals
  • Azure Administrator
  • Ethical Council Encryption Specialist
  • CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ and Project+

With XL.net and our years of experience on your side, you can trust that your company’s data will remain both safe and secure from any harm.

Cloud Consulting Services

Upgrade to the latest technology with professional assistance from one of Schaumburg’s premier IT consulting companies.

Our cloud specialists can help you migrate, manage and optimize your environment for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

From DRaaS & PaaS expertise to specialized solutions tailored towards your company requirements – explore all that a customized cloud infrastructure has in store!

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Get the most out of your IT investments and take the frustration out of planning for long-term business goals.

With our Schaumburg based consultant services you’ll have a virtual C-suite partner who understands both technology and businesses needs to craft strategies that enhance productivity while staying on budget.

Our XL Tech Officers offer experienced, trained advice so there’s no wasted time or resources – just solutions designed specifically to move your organization forward in an ever changing landscape.

An IT Partner That Helps Businesses Thrive


Reduction in IT issues


Guaranteed minimum boost in productivity


Accredited technology certifications

Gain Expert Managed Services with our IT Consulting Services in Schaumburg

Enable a streamlined, secure, smarter IT infrastructure with XL.net

Schaumburg IT Consulting

Enjoy the Hidden Benefits of Enhanced Productivity

Don’t let the challenges of your IT infrastructure compromise operations, or worse yet; losing hundreds if not thousands in downtime.

By working alongside our IT consultants in Schaumburg, you’ll get access to a tailored strategic roadmap that covers budgeting and project planning for long-term success.

Identify weak points with in-depth analysis as well as cyber security strategies beyond just the basic suite of managed services – everything is considered when taking business objectives into account.

IT Consulting in Schaumburg

Mitigate the Dangers of Cyber Threats With a Top IT Consultancy

The internet is full of hidden threats, which makes it all the more important to secure your business with a top-tier cybersecurity strategy.

Leveraging the expertise of one of Schaumburg’s leading IT consulting firms will give you an edge against potential malicious cyber attacks, allowing you to identify risks before they become issues and protect sensitive data safely and securely.

With access to their cybersafe team of certified professionals, you can feel confident that there will be no surprises when it comes to cyberattacks – your business can stay ahead of the game and remain safe in an ever-changing digital landscape.


XL.net offers an unbeatable service as an IT consulting firm in Schaumburg—the highest quality assistance, coupled with a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

XL.net’s goal is to ensure that our partner firms reap all the benefits of owning and managing their own network infrastructure.

These include:

  • IT assessments and evaluations
  • Establishing key performance indicators
  • Long term IT planning
  • Exploring new technologies for your business
  • Implementing technology projects
  • Providing employee training
  • And more

With XL.net as your IT consulting partner in Schaumburg, you can trust us to optimize your technology while minimizing operational overhead.

The IT strategy roadmap, a component of our IT consulting services in Schaumburg, provides invaluable assistance to companies looking to maintain and improve their technology infrastructure.

It offers a clear vision of how the organization’s IT resources should be employed by providing an understanding of existing technical capabilities, a realistic plan to reach desired goals, and confirmation that new investments are leading toward a successful tech-enabled future.

A vCIO works to assess an organization’s technology infrastructure and assists in developing an actionable plan based on the organization’s goals and objectives. In addition, they can also provide recommendations on how to align technology with the current strategic vision of the business.

The vCIO also serves as an advocate for IT resources, making sure they are used efficiently to maximize ROI while meeting business needs.