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XL.net is a 2022 Chicago Innovation Award Nominee

XL.net is a 2022 Chicago Innovation Award Nominee
Published Aug 30, 2022

Chicago Innovation’s empowers entrepreneurs and those that support them by educating, connecting and celebrating. A community 40,000 strong, with over 10,000 annual attendees it truly shows the vitality and spirit of Chicago to make a positive impact on the world.

XL.net Small Business Technology Planning Nomination

XL.net is honored to be nominating for the 2022 Chicago Innovation Award for our work with making enterprise grade Technology Planning affordable for small and medium businesses:

Our Technology Planning is established with an XL.net Technology Officer and kept on track with our System Analysts throughout the year.

“We certainly feel that we have a unique service that makes it possible for small and maximum businesses to execute technology changes strategically and affordable. Yet with what we have seen from the other nominees, we are humbled to be in their presence and are excited to see the positive impact they will bring to Chicago and the world. Helping entrepreneurs and innovators is why XL.net exists!” Adam Radulovic, founder of XL.net.


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