Thinking About Managed Outsourcing Services?

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Information technology continues to transform the business landscape across all industries. Unfortunately, many small businesses either can’t afford in-house IT services, or their staff spends most of their day dealing with tech support instead of focusing on high-priority projects. 

Many businesses waste time and money by relying on outdated, end-of-life technology, which increases the risk of data loss and security threats that affect the bottom line. In fact, a study found that businesses lose as much as $1.8 trillion annually on obsolete technology. 

You can’t afford to take that risk. Fortunately, that’s where managed outsourcing services can help. They will handle the day-to-day management of your IT and ensure everything is running smoothly, in addition to monitoring for security risks. 

So why choose a managed IT service provider, and how do you find the right one for your firm? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how your business can benefit from outsourced managed IT.

The Benefits of MSP for Your Business

Outsourced managed services offer many valuable benefits to your company. For example, since they are easily scalable, you can seamlessly expand or reduce your expenses depending on your needs. This translates to a rapid return on investment. 

Here are some additional benefits that managed outsourcing services provide:

Reduced Costs

Outsourced managed services are less expensive and more efficient than hiring in-house personnel. They can also help you find the right hardware and software solutions to reduce wasted spending to save you time and money on data management and security issues. 

Prioritizing Business Management

Managed IT services help your team focus on core business processes that help you stay competitive and generate revenue more effectively. If you have an in-house IT team, they won’t get bogged down with resolving technical support issues. Instead, they can use their skill set to focus on critical tasks. 

With the right MSP, you can dedicate yourself to reaching long-term goals.

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Outsourcing solutions for IT can help you find the best software to streamline your business processes. For example, several MSPs offer cloud services and cloud computing for improved data sharing and employee collaboration. 

You can further optimize your IT infrastructure by:

  • Automating certain business processes
  • Getting a complete IT audit from your MSP
  • Upgrading and replacing critical IT hardware
  • Implementing managed data backup services 
  • Scheduling regular system and network maintenance
  • Relying on advanced cybersecurity protection and strategies

Predictable Operating Expenses

An MSP offers predictable monthly fees for your technology needs. Hiring employees is an expensive process that includes discussions about salaries and benefits. 

With an MSP, you’re less vulnerable to losing your subject matter experts during a time when a large portion of the workforce is changing jobs, and you’ll save money on hiring costs.

Ensure Business Continuity

When your technology is working as intended, it provides both your employees and customers a seamless experience. IT issues can effectively grind your business to a halt, and an MSP can prevent them by staying ahead of issues. 

MSPs can also help you avoid data loss and prevent security breaches that can cost thousands of dollars, or worse, shut down businesses permanently

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How to Choose the Right Managed Services Partner

Outsourcing and managed service solutions work best when they are familiar with your business needs. The best MSP can help you develop your IT strategy to meet your long term goals, and recommend the best technology solutions to help you get there.

It’s best practice to partner with a company that makes time to understand how your business operates so they can make informed recommendations that address your needs. 

Additionally, you’ll need to understand which services you’re paying for, and when you might incur additional costs. MSPs offer a wide range of service levels, and different plans will use various pricing models. 

They may charge by the hour, per user, or per device. Find the company that understands your business, and offers you the pricing model that best fits your needs within your budget. That way, the benefits of your MSP will be well worth the cost.

Bring the Benefits of an MSP Partnership to Your Business

Get expert advice and managed IT services from a trusted technology services partner.

Your Source for Reliable Outsourced Managed IT

Having the right technology partner in your corner not only allows you to enjoy the benefits of an MSP, it also saves you time, reduces costs and lets your internal IT staff focus on critical projects and deliverables. offers proactive managed IT services and outsourcing for small to medium-sized businesses in the Chicagoland area. Our team of experts holds over 70 technology credentials, and we’re adding more every quarter. We also offer our clients an 80% reduction in IT issues, and a boost to employee productivity of at least 10%. 

Our co-managed IT services give you the freedom to decide which IT services you want to manage internally and which to outsource. Working with us helps you create a strong partnership with our team to enhance, supplement, and support your existing IT staff.

Count on us to make the time to meet with your business’s leadership to understand your goals and provide a one-year, one-page Technology Alignment Plan so we can work together to accomplish them. 

Experience the benefits of outsourced managed services with no long-term contracts by contacting us today for more information. 

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