Tales of Transformation: XL.net’s Role in Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency for an Accounting Firm

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Matt S., the firm administrator at a full-service accounting firm, knew it was time for a change. The firm employs about 20 full-time employees and serves individual and business clients with financial planning, tax planning, and tax return services.

Before XL.net, Matt’s company utilized a basic computer network system, an improvised infrastructure he compared to a “home network.”

Various custom-built PC machines were deployed in the office, which meant that tech issues were unpredictable and had to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Further, it made their system vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Join us as we explore how our strategic IT partnership transformed the accounting firm’s operations, ensuring a more reliable and secure technological environment.

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The Turning Point: Realizing the Need for a More Resilient IT Infrastructure

Matt’s company had an IT partner at the time, but they were resistant to new technologies. “Our IT provider was close-minded about new technologies,” Matt shared.

“If we had stayed with them, we would never have implemented cloud-based solutions like Azure. Our makeshift business network could not have handled it.” said Matt.

Interruptions in service were a constant concern. “It was always in the back of our heads that if a storm came through or even if it was just a windy day, if anything went wrong, it could shut down the entire office,” Matt recalled.

Upgrading the company’s technology infrastructure would incur a substantial cost, but it was necessary. “Once we realized that we needed insurance for cybersecurity, that got the ball rolling.” shared Matt.

“In 2020, cybersecurity was growing in importance, but our IT provider did not treat it with the seriousness it deserved. That’s when we started seeking other options,” said Matt.

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A Personalized Partnership Approach is Key to IT Success

The need for a change was clear. Matt connected with XL.net through a professional development group and interviewed three IT providers.

He recounts his experience sitting down with XL.net: “We talked with Adam Radulovic, CEO of XL.net, who was very down-to-earth and matter-of-fact. We found that some IT vendors were prone to sugarcoating things, but Adam was very upfront. He helped us determine our priorities, what should be dealt with quickly, and what could be handled later.”

Personality fit was crucial for Matt, as he knew frequent interactions would occur. He felt reassured about having the right communication and partnership with XL.net.


Standardized Equipment for Peace of Mind

Having discussed their challenges with XL, the company created a list of IT priorities to be tended to, including their cybersecurity policy. XL helped the company identify key priorities and the most efficient way to address them. Subsequently, each issue was tackled systematically.

As Matt shared with us:

“XL helped us create a more robust infrastructure for our team. With our old setup, we were vulnerable to power and internet outages. With our current setup, we can walk across the street to the coffee shop or drive home and log in without missing a beat.”

“Efficiency and productivity are the two greatest gifts XL.net has given us.” said Matt

The company has also been equipped with standardized equipment. This has given Matt peace of mind because he doesn’t need to worry about keeping various power supply and docking station components on hand to accommodate different tech setup scenarios.

Matt admits that his average accountant probably hasn’t noticed any difference in their day-to-day post-upgrade, but his stress levels have been greatly reduced thanks to the fact that if his system goes down, he doesn’t need to worry about a thing.

“I appreciate everyone we’ve worked with at XL. I haven’t had a better interaction with any supplier.” Matt shares.

“They listen to my concerns and needs, which makes other strategic decisions concerning our business much easier. The relationship we have with XL.net has been instrumental to our success.” Matt further adds.


The Next Big Step: Planning the Transition to a New Office

Looking ahead, Matt shared that the firm plans to move offices. 

“It’s going to be heavy lifting for the IT team because they will need to get the new infrastructure set up. We’re also planning for continual improvements, including a more robust Wi-Fi network, which we wouldn’t be able to set up in our current office facilities.” said Matt.


Productivity and Efficiency for an Accounting Firm


Building Success Through Strategic IT Partnership

This case study highlights the significant impact a skilled and dedicated IT partner can have on an organization, especially in industries where technology is crucial for daily operations.

The partnership with XL.net has transformed this accounting firm’s operations, ensuring they are prepared for any situation and can focus on their core business without IT concerns. With a more reliable and robust infrastructure, the firm is well-equipped for the future.

If your business faces similar IT challenges, consider partnering with XL.net to revolutionize your technology solutions.

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